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Our Culture

Corporate Culture

We adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate culture,

in the focus on people, help people, achievements, shaping the direction of people,

Adhere to create a learning environment, willing to share, unity and friendly working atmosphere, to achieve win-win situation of enterprises and staffs.

SSK Beliefs

Six Musts

We must be responsible to our customers;

We must keep the innovation of our products;

We must ensure that our products are of high quality;

We must continue to work to reduce the cost of the product;

We must ensure that our order is completed quickly and accurately;

We must ensure that our dealers earn a fair profit.

Integrity for Employees

Responsible for the people who work with us;

They must have dignity in the company;

Their salaries must be fair and appropriate;

Their welfare must be protected in accordance with the law;

They must have a fair chance of promotion in the company;

They must have a safe, clean working environment.

Toward to Shareholders

We must be responsible to the shareholders;

We must keep the spirit of entrepreneurship;

We must earn considerable profits;

We have to reserve money to pay for the development of new projects and prepare for the winter in uncertain markets;

After we do these responsibilities, the shareholders deserve a fair return.

Repay the Society

We must be responsible for society;

We must legally pay taxes;

We must run the company in accordance with the law;

We must make efforts to maintain the community environment and maintain the order of the community.