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Support 4 simultaneous expansion

Extend 4 USB ports for the computer, say goodbye to repeated plugging and unplugging


Supports commonly used USB devices

Support U disk, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, USB fan, USB printer and other USB devices

U flash disk, mobile hard disk, keyboard, mouse, radiator, bank U shield, USB fan, card reader, printer, golden tax disk



Drive large capacity hard drives

5V/2A power supply interface, support high-power devices, easily drive large capacity hard disk



Android power supply port

Reserve power supply interface, if you need an external device, you only need one Android data cable + charger

Supports 5V/1A power supply

Supports 5V/2A power supply



ABS material, beautiful and durable

ABS white high-gloss mirror design, stylish appearance, long-term durability



Compatible with multiple systems, plug in can be used

Compatible with Windows/MAC OS/Linux system, no need to drive, plug in can be used



Product information

Model SHU808

Size: 95mmx41mmx20mm

Interface Type: USB3.0

Power interface: Micro USB

Number of interfaces: 4

System Requirements: Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OS 9.0 and above, Linux kernel 2.4 and above

Product material: ABS

Product weight: 64g

Product color: white

Working temperature: -20 to +55

Operating Humidity: 20%RH to 85%RH

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Product Features

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