Company History

Mar. 2001: Szbroad Networking Co., Ltd established

Mar. 2002: Registered Trademark SSK in China, and launched SSK Card reader into market

Dec. 2003: SSK Card reader sales ranked No. 1 in China, then placed SSK leading position in this field

Mar. 2005: SSK went abroad to participate in the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany,marking Szbroad’s

                  first opening in the international market


May. 2005: New 7800㎡ factory set into production in Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen


Aug. 2005: SSK starts registering trademark overseas, entering the SSK brand into the international market

Aug. 2005: Szbroad First Agents conference was held in Shenzhen gathered together


Oct. 2005: Szbroad passed the ISO9000 international quality system certification, indicating that Szbroad has

                  become a  qualified world-class manufacturer


Mar. 2006: Szbroad attends the Las Vegas CES International Consumer Electronics Show for the first time

June.2007: Szbroad Networking Co. Ltd changed the name to Szbroad Technology Co.Ltd

May. 2008: Moved manufacture base to Guangming new district in Shenzhen, and holds an opening ceremony

Aug. 2008: Shenzhen Maya Electronics Creation Co., Ltd is established

Dec. 2008: SSK is identified as "Guangdong famous trademark", brand awareness rose sharply again


Mar. 2009: Szbroad passed ISO14000 environmental quality system certification


May. 2009: Organization restructured, established digital accessories, mobile storage products division

Dec. 2009: Battery products division was established

Jan. 2010: Adjusted the organization structure to business center

 Feb. 2011: Established digital audio division,develop digital speaker products

Sept.2011: Purchased Vigoogle, registered Szbroad Vigoogle Technology Co., Ltd

Feb. 2012: Dongguan Huang Jiang factory put into production, the scale of production strengthens once again